Why Loud Rumor?

Local Businesses work with Loud Rumor for one main reason – they believe in us.


They understand our passion for working with local businesses on reaching their goals.  We aim to improve ourselves and each business we work with every day.


We start by using the single most powerful lead generation tool that’s ever been created – the internet.  By building and enhancing the brands we work with, along with strategically positioning them throughout the internet to be found by more people, we help create more new customer opportunities.


However, we know opportunities don’t build companies… it’s what you do with them.  Local businesses are great at what they do – being chiropractors, dentists, attorneys, hair stylists, etc.  We are great at what we do – creating more new customer opportunities and converting them into loyal customers that come back and tell others.


Even the best CEOs, athletes, and leaders work hard on improving themselves each day.  We aim to help local businesses improve what we feel is a key factor in creating a successful company – their process for attracting more loyal customers that believe in you enough to buy what you sell, come back for more, and refer more new customers to you.  Learn more…


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